2011 President vs Pro Tournament

Congratulations to Chip Wells for his team's win over Fred Mabry's team in the 2011 President's Cup.  The tournament is played over 2 days, with participants divided into 2 teams, the President's team and the Pro's team.  Players were paired and then played match play competition against two players from the opposing team.  On Saturday, the first 9 holes were played in a Captain's Choice format and the back 9 holes was a Best Ball format.  On Sunday, the front 9 was Alternate Shot, and the back 9 was individual match play.  A total of 5 points could be won (1 point for each of the first three 9 hole matches, and 1 per person on the individual match play).  It was quite a close match, and we would like to thank the 52 players who battled the rain, cold and wind to play!

The following is he breakdown of points.


Captain's Choice:  Pro 5.5, President 7.5

Best Ball:  Pro 10.5, President 2.5

Saturday's Total:  Pro 16, President 10

Alternate Shot: Pro 6, President 7

Individual Match Play:  Pro 14, President 12


Overall Total:  Pro 36, President 29